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Who am I? Who is AJ?

What is Disinfecting Sunlight?

What is the

We Are AJ Group?

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See a little bit of my Tiktok Journey below. 

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I am Paul Vasquez

Uncle Paul. Writer.  Activist. Social Justice Advocate. Survivor. Storyteller. Recovering In Every Way.

TikTok's Favorite Gay Uncle (I assume)...

I started this website a few years ago not knowing without any true vision for what it would become.  

I knew that the universe was calling me to tell my story and to use my gifts to tell the stories of those phenomenal humans I’ve met along my journey.  Initially, the blog was to tell my story and the podcast was to tell the stories of those folks recovering from whatever the world throws at them.  


No one could have imagined the madness that the world threw at my family last year as my nephew went missing in Houston while wearing a Harris County Pre-trial Ankle Monitor.  All of the experiences, from the local police treating us like he was disposable to one of the news stations literally telling our family that his story “wasn’t important enough,” from us blowing up on Tiktok (@justiceforlilaj) to meeting other families in similar predicaments and wanting to find a way to help them.  


That’s where this site comes in.  It’s going to be a mixture of my personal story, the quest for justice for AJ, telling stories of others on the podcast, and becoming a central hub for the We Are AJ Group…a group of grieving Houston Area families, mine included, who have been failed by the system…who are coming together and FORCING the authorities to investigate and holding the local media accountable for not reporting most of our stories.  


Obviously, it’s a work in progress. 


If you need help getting your missing or murdered family member’s story out or you want to tell your story on the podcast, please email me (

- Stay in the light,

Uncle Paul


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