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Alexander Lil AJ Silva III

December 10, 2001 - April 17, 2021 (estimated)

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Baby AJ.     Lil' AJ.    Or Just AJ.

Alexander Silva III, AKA Lil AJ was a 19 year old man going through his personal struggles but trying to better himself. He was wearing a Harris County Pre-trial ankle monitor when he disappeared. Authorities were never dispatched nor did they attempt to find him. Nearly two months after he went missing, family was able to access his ankle monitor log. On April 17th, 2021, it spent 41 hours at a warehouse in Langwood Houston.


Not getting any assistance from authorities, being denied assistance from several well known search and rescue organizations, and being ignored by Houston media, family took to the streets of Houston: they walked through bayous, searched through woods, dangerously camped outside trap houses and places where AJ was said to frequent, and finally walked through the Langwood neighborhood, where locals didn’t hesitate to say that he was murdered on April 17th. He bled to death against the fence across from an AA meeting, covered in garbage bags. His body, was, presumably, disposed of. People took pictures with it.  


I’ve got eyewitness accounts of his body. I’ve got cadaver dogs that show blood. I’ve got a gps report that shows he was at this spot on this day where a murder occurred. I’ve got cousins with different stories about the last time they saw him. I’ve got their mom acting erratically when questioned. We saw men with laundry baskets of assault weapons walking around the neighborhood like it was just another day.  Is the mayor of Houston involved? We have video of a vehicle leaving AJ’s girlfriend’s apartment at 1 AM (when she’s the primary suspect in his murder) that is registered to someone connected to the mayor.  

Help us get justice.  

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