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Aliyah Nicole Wilson

August 4, 1997 - July 19, 2020

No Respectable Police Officer Would Believe This Was a Suicide and Not A Cover-Up.

aliyah wilson_edited.jpg

Aliyah Wilson, 22, was found hanged outside of her apartment in Houston's NW side. HPD immediately deemed it self-inflicted and performed no homicide investigation, though noted in their report (along with the coroner) that her bare-feet were clean after they allege she walked across concrete and up stairs to hang herself with a bedsheet. Police believe that she was able to hang herself while never losing hold of her cell phone. She was photographed deceased and clutching it in her right hand.  


She'd been in a toxic and physically violent relationship with someone who has recently made threatening phone calls to her mother. Prior to her death, Aliyah made several 911 calls saying she'd felt unsafe and was looking to purchase a handgun.

We are currently petitioning Houston Police to reopen this case or to give it to the Texas Rangers. 

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