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Jonathan "Gio" Giorgianni

April 30th, 2002 -  January 14th, 2022 (missing)

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19 year-old Jonathon Giorgianni was last seen by friends on January 14 of 2022 at the 8700 block of Broadway in Southeast Houston (Bellfort Apartments), where he was living with his girlfriend.  He has not been seen since.  

Jonathon Giorgianni Gio was last seen by his family on New Year's Eve of 2021.  Up until Mid January, He'd been in regular contact with his mother.  The two of them were known for their routine and lengthy telephone conversations.

All contact between the two of them ceased on January 6th, which is the last time his mother heard his voice as he was calling to ask for bail money. His mom denied him the money.   He'd just been arrested. He had a court appearance scheduled on January 26, 2022, which he did not show for, completely out of his character. He lived with bipolar disorder and, just prior to his disappearance, confessed to not taking his medication.  His mother admits that his behavior was more erratic than usual.  

There have been many rumors as to what happened to him as well as his girlfriend's alleged involvement, but none have been substantiated. No arrests have been made.  No suspects have been named.  

His family commissioned a billboard that currently stands along the freeway where he was last seen.  

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Another 19 Year Old Houston Man Disappears Without a Trace, Family Thinks Girlfriend May Be Withholding Information

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