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Tailor Marie Clark
May 31, 1994 - September 18, 2021
Young entrepreneur found dead of suspicious causes.  She was locked inside a tattoo shop overnight.  Is the owner killing Houston women and getting away with is?


September 18, 2021

She was found deceased in the back of 59 Ink, a tattoo shop in Houston's North Side.  She'd gone there the previous afternoon in an effort to market a product that she'd created, a tattoo salve.  While there she decided to get a new tattoo and an older one, touched up.  She anticipated that she would be there for an extended period of time and she checked in with her boyfriend, via text most of the evening. Her boyfriend grew concerned that evening when he got a text referring to him as daddy and then her mom got a text from Tailor's phone advising her that Tailor was dead.  Tiffany, her mom, initially understood the text to mean that Tailor's phone battery had died.  They wouldn't receive another text from her.


What Happened?

The following day her stepbrother and a friend went to the tattoo shop to look for her.  As they arrived, a tattoo artist for 59 Ink was just arriving.  They all walked into the shop to find Tailor dead on a couch in the backroom.  Her death would eventually be ruled an accidental overdose of Fentanyl. Her family and friends feel as if Houston Police is treating Tailor's case like that of a junkie, which, according to her mother, she was not battling an addiction. In her defense, even if she was, she is a human being, worthy of love and existence.  


A big point to mention here is that the owner of 59 Ink has been in a similar position before. Priscilla Rodriguez was also found dead at his home of an accidental overdose. He is currently out on bond for hitting another woman int he head with an object.

Tailor deserves justice.  Her family deserves answers.  The owner of 59 Ink has a documented history of violence against women, why aren't police investigating his role in their deaths.  

You can follow Tailor's family and friends on Tiktok 



TiffanyHicksClark Her Mom

If you have any information about her suspicious death,  please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Department @ 713-967-5700 or Crime Stoppers @ 713-222-TIPS.


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