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Maegan Elizabeth Riedel
October 31, 1997 - January 9, 2021
Her boyfriend, who she was in a volatile relationship with, claims he found her hanging from her bathroom doorknob.  Cops wrote it off as suicide. Does the evidence support suicide or murder?


January 9th, 2021

Maegan's boyfriend, Chase Brevzinsky, claims that he found her hanging from her bathroom doorknob, at her apartment complex in Deer Park, Texas. Police believed him and allowed him to remove his things from an apartment that was leased in her name. Maegan gave no indications that she was struggling with mental health issues, but she did tell many of her friends and family that things with Chase were not good. The night before her death, she told her boss that she was afraid of going home.  Neighbors claim that they heard fighting for hours until roughly 4 AM.  Security camera footage shows Chase looking out the window shades, obsessively just hours before he said he found her dead.  There are so many inconsistencies in his story, yet Deer Park Police refused to investigate it as a homicide. 


What Happened?

Just over a year later, he was arrested for the attempted aggravated kidnapping of three young girls, the youngest being 11 years old. Like thousands of others in Harris County, he was released on bond with an ankle monitor.  

Meanwhile, Maegan's family has been getting harassed for years.  Initially, it was phone calls to her mom's job, asking for Maegan, when she's never worked there.  

Then it was a truck looking identical to Chase's dad's.  It showed up at her funeral and has been caught on security camera parked out their house.

Chase has bragged to friends that he killed Maegan.  His family, allegedly, has connections in law enforcement, which might be the reason they are refusing to give any of Maegan's belongings to her mother, her next of kin.  They are claiming that Maegan should've had a will, leaving them to her for them to legally give them over.  

Everytrything about this case is nonsensical. 

How many more people will Chase hurt before he's truly held accountable? 

Police are asking any other potential victims or witnesses to come forward by contacting Detective S. Espino at (713) 475-7266


Media Coverage of Maegan

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