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Let Me Read You.

I do free readings on TikTok, just follow me, Uncle Paul, and 


If you follow me on Tiktok, then you've likely seen me do psychic readings for people, most of whom I've never met. 

So I've always thought I was very sensitive to energies and sometimes would know things about people who'd passed without ever being told.  It started showing itself every time I did a podcast episode with a subject who was no longer with us. I knew that Chris Stone was a libra before his sister told me in our interview.  I could see the moment that Anne Marie Zamora passed as her sister heartbreakingly described it to me.  But I hadn't a clue on how to channel the information that came to me and often doubted that it was real. 


Over the past year and half, after AJ went missing, any suspicions that I might have a gift, that I may actually be a medium, disappeared. I literally drew the scene of the crime before I even knew there was a crime.  


I accept that I am a psychic medium which means that I'm able to speak to spirits on the other side.  I've made many skeptics believe.  So if you need to reach someone who's passed, I'd be honored to try and connect with them.  

I'm also very good at reading one's energies and shining a light on the truths you need to hear, the relationships you need to leave, and the choices you should be taking (hint: they're ALWAYS the ones that scare you). 

If you're skeptical, give me a try.  Follow me on TikTok (@justiceforlilaj) and whenever I give out free readings, request one and see how accurate it is.  I would say that on average, I'm about 60-70% accurate. Folks will often message me days or months later to confirm that something I told them...something they might not have known or something I predicted...was true.  For example a woman wanted to know how her great aunt passed.  I felt an extreme sadness come over me and a quick pain in my chest.  I told her that she died of a broken heart.  Violent Trigger warning: a couple weeks later she called and advised me that she pulled the death certificate for her aunt.  Her aunt died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.  

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