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Listening and seeing the story beneath the story have always been skills of mine.  In high school I was certain I would graduate and go to film school.  I wanted to tell stories, behind the camera.  I wanted to get into the why of things...why people feel certain things and why certain reactions are exhibited.  I didn't go to film school. 


Life happened.  But that desire didn't die.  Every person I befriend in life has a powerful story and shares it with me.  When we talk, we peel back that onion.  There is almost nothing I value less than small talk.  I'd rather stay silent.  When this site came to be, I knew God was speaking to that passion in me that I had buried under feelings of scarcity and fear, that passion for storytelling.  Where my blog is more of my personal story, this podcast is for everyone else.  Thanks for listening, and thank you to those who've entrusted me with your stories, may I treasure them like the pearls they are.

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