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Getting Clean and Coming Clean

There's so much going on in my family life. Some of it will be discussed in this episode.

My nephew, Alexander Silva III, is missing. I dedicate this episode and my recovery to both him and my brother. AJ, Michael...may I remember that some of us don't get 2nd chances to make it right. May your spirits guide me always on this up and down journey of recovery. I love you more than I ever got to say. And I feel you both next to me. Thank you.

I'm beyond grateful to be doing this on video as well.

A little background on this episode. This was the 2nd time recording it. The audio on the first try was trashed. You'll notice the audio on this episode isn't great either. I am very spiritual person and believe quite strongly in spiritual warfare. Someone, something, didn't want me sharing this. I kid you not, I haven't felt this free in a very long time.

Shame is lethal. Shame is heavy. I'm tired of dragging it around. So, even with our audio issues, I think you'll get the gist of this this.

It's a long episode. Take it in bite size pieces if need be. I am not going to edit it or even add flashy titles. We'll do that on future episodes. This one is raw and unfiltered and just how it needed to be.

Click the image to watch.

Stay in the light,