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Spiritual Services

Since my brother's death I realized I had a gift of reading signs from those spirits who'd transitioned into what most call death.  However, with the death of my nephew this year, my gift has gotten incredibly strong and detailed. Some video examples are below.  

If you'd like me to reach out to the spirits for you, I'd be honored to do so. I do readings several ways. To streamline my reading, I can use tarot cards.  I find them to be a good inspiration for my channeling.  If you'd like a card reading, I prefer to read 5 cards and report everything I feel from them.  I then send you the report when I'm done.  

If you'd like a live channeling session where I reach out to your spirit guides, this can be done via Zoom.  These generally take no more than an hour and the recording will be provided after  the session completes.  These have been so incredibly powerful lately, that we may both be in tears.  You're also welcome to invite anyone to join in on the session.

Personally, I don't like charging to use my gifts, but it's only fair that I charge for my time. Emailed tarot card readings are $10.  Zoom calls are $40 for the hour.  

If you're skeptical, I suggest giving me a shot.  I've even been surprised at how spot on I've been. 

If you need closure from a loved one, let me help you get it. 



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